About Us

About Us

     Branded in Butler is a curated vintage clothing store located in Butler, Pennsylvania.  Specializing in 80s/90s vintage clothing & limited release sneakers. Branded In Butler was established in 2018 when brother in laws Lance Calvert and Brendan O’Brien decided to rent a 600 square foot garage together. They started reselling items self sourced from flea markets, storage unit auctions and estate sales. In the beginning, they had no vintage clothing knowledge, and selling sneakers wasn't even in their vision. 

After one short month and one overflowing garage later, they had to have two 40 foot shipping containers dropped to hold all their finds. It's hard to believe that the entire business started in that little garage and a $1000 joint bank account. Reselling on facebook marketplace could only get them so far while lacking a fundamental necessity to any successful business; customers, more specifically walk by traffic. A casual conversation in the car about a change of location turned into them signing a lease two days later. Brendan and Lance took a huge leap of faith that day knowing they were in for many 80 hour work weeks and the ups and downs to come. Scrambling to get inventory together to open a clothing store actually posed more of a challenge than they hoped after realizing how much of a market there was for vintage clothing. Following one year of renovating 102 N Main Street, Butler, PA they opened the doors September 21st 2019 selling everything from American Eagle to Victoria Secret. Over time, their vision came into fruition while slowing cycling out newer brands and truly focusing on vintage. Shortly after in December 2020, we've opened our own textile recycling facility and are one of the few companies that self source our own inventory.

"Serving the Pittsburgh area for the past 3 years has been our pleasure and we are excited to see what the future holds."

As of November 2022, they've opened a second location in Kent, Ohio. A short drive away, Kent has proven to be a diverse fashion based environment where they hope to thrive and continue to grow the brand! Check out the new location at 100 E Erie Street Suite 122, Kent, Ohio 44240 or on instagram @ brandedatkent !


The Branded Way - (WHAT WE DO) Branded has a unique business model. They are one of the only vintage clothing stores where they have become their own suppliers.    


Our Method - (How We Do It) Thanks to the dedicated warehouse staff at Branded, between 80-100,000 pounds of clothing is processed and sorted each month by hand. Each item is then sorted, laundered and added to brandedinbutler.com before making its way to the respective stores. Non-vintage clothing items are exported overseas to third world countries.


Our Mission - (Why We Do It) "Turning clothing waste into sustainable fashion". Every year more than 11.3 million tons are put into landfills in the US alone. Branded is on track to save over 1 million pounds of textiles from landfills this year alone, and strives to increase that number in the years to come.


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